Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Officially Named a Skora Ambassador

After hanging on the fringe of this awesome company, I was offered to be a brand ambassador in February. After all of the logistics were worked out, I was officially named and appointed as one of
Screen Shot of Ambassador Page
their crew for the year and I am glad to shout it from the roof tops. If you are not familiar with Skora, they are based out of Oregon, but have a growing footprint. They made two models prior to this year, all light weight, zero drop shoes designed to last. When I say last, I say a 1000 miles or more and most people replace their shoes three times in that span. With the coming of Spring, they now have four total models, trying to hit all training phases.

My first Skora shoe, seen below, was the Base. The Base, which runs at around $99, is their most basic model, but at the top of their line is the Form (my favorite Skora model), a goat leather shoe which molds to your foot after a few runs. Even though the shoe runs around $185, it does not use foam and has a 1000+ mile outsole. Thus, you are buying a shoe that may last two to three times your Nike shoes while giving you improved running form and leg strength. New to their line is the Skora Phase ($110) and Core ($155), shoes that I will soon be running in and offering thoughts on. Skora runs about a half size small in my opinion and experience, so if you wear a 10, go with a 9.5. Either way, they send you a free return label in case you have issues and need to swap a size.

Form in black, Base in Bolt Yellow.
While I do have your attention, I was featured by a running company that sells Skora and a bunch of other, fantastic shoes, Optimal Run, as their featured runner. Take a look here. They post great articles on strength and form, as well as reviews of all their products. In addition, Optimal Run has a fantastic, free return policy within around a 40 day window. They claim that you can return the shoes in any condition. Since they are located on the east coast, if you want to go Skora, consider going with them, for they have fast shipping a great return policy in case a sizing issue arises.

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