Monday, April 15, 2013

The Training Week: April 7 – April 13

Total Distance: 27.43 miles, Pace 8:12

Second low mileage week in a row, but truncated with a track meet to see where I stand at the end of track season. Marathon cycle kicks in after one more week. Working on healing, feeling well, and getting ready to grind my body into the ground. A pure Skora Forms week.

April 7: I hit the beach, tracked through uneven sand, with no goal in mind other than 45 minutes.
Why did my wife take this picture?
All I could do was smile and enjoy the day. I ran real, I ran happy, and my face showed it. There was no pain in those 5.27 miles, just pure joy. I bounded through water, across shells, on washed up jellyfish and ran into a few people here or there I hadn’t seen in a while. Chasing the tide is fun, trying to find your footprints, while juvenile, is too. I had forgotten such days amongst the constant need to push through and advance during a season. Overall time: 46:21.

April 8: Last track workout before the district meet for our runners. A race day simulation, run a decent workout, at race pace, but avoid over exertion. Ran 2x800m at 3200 pace with a 400m job in between and 4x400m at 1600m pace with a 100m rest with a 3200m runner who would go on to run an 11:09 at the district meet, finishing 9th and ending his season. He was to hit 2:40 on the 800’s and 77’s on the 400’s. He hit them, I didn’t, running 2:43, 2:47 for the 800’s and 81, 84, 84, 81 for the 400’s. Was a hot, steamy day and I felt spent overall, a byproduct of beach running and perhaps why I often skip it. 4.4 miles total in 34:27.

April 9: 6.25 miles in 50:54, starting and finishing in front of my house. I went out with no plan other than miles—recover a bit, take in some time on the road, and prepare for Wednesday’s workout. I took it easy early on, but then I felt that spark mentioned above, that need, and I went, hitting negative splits and running the last mile around 6:15 pace. I smiled throughout the duration, I could feel it. As the speed picked up, the conversion was natural. I became a little kid running through the park, oblivious of physical exertion, immune to pain, only finding glee. Adding to the moment, I also sang, screaming songs at the top of my lungs. I didn’t have an iPod with me, haven’t run with one in months, but on this night I didn’t care what people thought, said or experienced. I had fun. When I finished, I let out a guttural yell. I was that guy.

April 10: Did a fartlek mostly on grass. Ran to a park a mile from my house and aimed to run 2 minutes at 5k pace and 2 minutes at marathon pace for as long as I could hold marathon pace on the off intervals. Believe it or not, the lighter pace is harder to hold than the faster pace, for a steady recovery really pushes you. I did this to shock the system and test my fitness. I wanted to know where I was. I wanted to do eight, but settled for six. I chased a few wild rabbits and headed for home as a cool down. 5.35 miles in 44:47.

April 11: District track meet. Meet started at 1:00 and ended at 10:00. Long day, tons of fun. Boys finished second, girls first. Fun, active day.

April 12: With our runners sore, and coaches much the same, we went out and did 20-30 minutes. Executed 3 miles in 23:19 and was happy to hold some of our top male runners back by tagging along with them.

April 13: Distance Carnival Track meet. My first meet in 13 years as a runner. I aimed to see what I could do in the 1600m and 3200m. I ended up running a 1600m and 800m in 5:31 and 2:36 respectively. Click the meet title for a full race report. Total mileage: 3.16 miles in 24:57.

Almost time to kill the body, almost time to attack the monster again.

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