Monday, April 8, 2013

The Training Week: March 31 - April 6

After running a 10k, half marathon, and 5k in a 24 hour span on March 29-30 during the Tour De Pain Extreme, the week was treated as a recovery week to prepare for the final three weeks of track before a full transition to marathon training. The week was relatively light mileage week overall and mostly at a recovery pace in an effort to bring my body back quickly from the race series.

March 31: Easter. My wife imposed a day of rest. My left calf was ailing after the Tour de Pain, so
UNF hike.
after a good foam rolling, I grabbed my Compex E-stim and used a recovery treatment. We then went for a family hike on the UNF trails in search of gopher tortoises, walking around 2 miles.

April 1: Gradual, slow recovery run in my Skora Forms. I was supposed to run broken 900’s with the track team (a 600m at 3200m pace, 30 seconds rest, then 300m at 1600m pace, with a 400m jog in-between), but opted for intelligence here. My wife ran with me, a fact that ensured that I kept a nice even keel and didn’t over do it. Ran on the road, covering 4.25 miles in 9:26 wearing my Skora Forms. My calf continued to ail, but not as angrily as the day before, nothing gait altering, only speed changing.

April 2: Started the morning off with a bit of Ultrasound and Graston Therapy in an effort to get my calf back together. The doctor said my left calf had the consistency of hamburger meat, but in the end, it began to loosen up. I went running at midday, last day off before going back to work at the conclusion of Spring Break. Did extensive form work before running, trying to fix my landing pattern. Somewhere during the half marathon over the weekend I started landing a bit too much on the outside of my foot and wanted to correct it. After doing butt kicks, jumping in place, and up downs, I was off.  Word of the day was relaxed as I ran to a park and did laps, recording around 5.89 miles in around 53:39 and chased a few wild hares when I came on them.    

April 3: Back to the track and work. Most of the Tour De Pain was out of me. Did a lot of stretching throughout the day in order to make sure everything was all systems go. At practice, we hit a timed fartlek workout at 3200m pace. We went 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 3:00, 2:00, 1:00 with half time off. I hit these well, holding sub 6:00 pace for the majority of the intervals. After the completion of the workout, we did 200’s on the track at 800m pace. I hit mine in :37, :36, :37, and :37. Funny moment of the day came when one of runners yelled at another for going to slow, pointing out that I had race three times over the weekend and thus had no business beating that particular runner. Word of the day had to be flowing, the workout flowed through me like it hadn’t in a while.

April 4: Day before a meet for my runners, so easy 4.03 miles run in 37:03. To spice it up, I took my Skora Forms off with about 1.25 to go, running barefoot for the remainder of the workout. I try and run barefoot for around a half mile a few times a week, but I took this farther just to judge the feeling on my planned Friday, rest day. I felt semi-beat up from the previous day and the last remaining tentacles from the weekend.

April 5: Rest day and coaching day—the last track meet before districts and a distance only meet nonetheless. Fun cool night of competition. Results can be found here.

April 6: Long run for the week. A couple more weeks before this run expands in scope from a planned 9-12 to 15+ miles. My running partner didn’t show as well as a few other Saturday people, so I went it alone on the UNF trails (click here for a map). What a great place to watch the sun rise and was in the low 50’s at the start of the run. I did a 2 mile warm-up before running a small workout alternating between 110% for a mile or more and then a mile rest. I executed a run that was 9.6 miles in length in 1:22.47. Considering I really dogged it on the rest miles to bring my heart rate down, I was happy with the overall pace of around 8:37 a mile. My current goal marathon pace is around an even 8 minutes, to come in around 3:30. I’ve run a few races right on schedule only to fall apart in the last 10k, so I will be making a push to correct this issue as I enter my training cycles this year. That said, I ran my workout portion at around 7:30-7:45 pace. I ran a mile on, one off, two on, one off, and then 2.6 on, ending my run there, a bit earlier than planned and a bit tired still. Was a pristine morning.

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