Monday, April 29, 2013

Training Week: April 21-27

Training Week: April 21-27

Distance: 36.19 miles, Pace 8:40, 6 Runs, 2 Rest Days

I started to amp the mileage back up this week, making a three week transition into 50 mile weeks again in preparation for two July marathons (shorter training cycle due to life this time). Did one last track workout and inserted in a double duty day. Time to kill the body, time to get serious, time to take recovery runs easy when they come.

April 21: Walt Disney World with my daughter. Time for cuteness and walking in my Skora Cores.
Rest day from running.

April 22: Last track workout of the season. Time to transition back from being coach and training partner to being a runner for a couple months. Ran with the girls team, 1200m warm-up, then 800m, 2x400m, 2x200m at 3200m pace mostly. Hit the intervals okay, pacing with the girls so they hit their times (2:43, 75, 75, 34, 34). I did a quarter mile after the 800m, then 200m after the 400’s. We stood between the 200’s for a minute. Felt good, felt fast, loved the workout in my Skora Cores. I then completed an extended cool down to add mileage, running about the last .75 miles barefoot. 5.06 Miles in 41:32, 8:12 pace.

April 23: I strapped my Skora Forms on (really rotating shoes again), and ran 5.08 miles in 41:48. Ran with the only boys distance runner to make the state meet (he finished 8th in the 3200 at the meet) and had a great conversation inspiring another post. Clean, calm day, worked the soreness out, before running .83 barefoot to close out the run. It caused a lot of nostalgia.

April 24:
            Run 1: Ran before work, transitioning to early morning running once again. Took the Altra Ones for a 40 minute run—no overall mileage goal, just an out and back, not worried about pace, just gathering some distance before an afternoon workout. Hit the run, executing 4.17 miles in 40:01. I then did a core workout and a series of lower body exercises.
            Run 2: Speed time. Went with the goal of executing as many 1:00 intervals as I could where I run a minute hard at around 110% 5k pace and then a minute right on marathon pace. The plan is to hit them as long as I can, ending the workout when the rest period begins to tail off of my goal MP (looking at 8:00 min miles this time around). Ran a mile warm-up to a park, and did the intervals on the grass. I hit about 10 before I started to tail, opting to stop at 12, before running home, my wife biking with my daughter at my side. I saw a few rabbits during the workout and my Skora Cores felt great, but my feet were a bit sore at the end of the run. Doubling up beats you up and it had been a long time. Ran a total of 5.68 in 47:30, the cool down mile was well, a cool down and a half.

April 25: Wore my Altra Ones, which I’m treating as a road recovery shoe. Steady run. Initial plan was for a recovery pace. So, with my with and daughter biking besides me, I went out slow. Then I turned, said what the hell, I feel like having fun, and I unleashed the speed on the way back. I started singing, started moving, and held a sub 7:30 pace the way back, at one point seeing myself drop sub 6 as I took it home. No clue why I did this, was kind of a dumb move, but it was fun either way. 5.00 miles in 40:44.

April 26: Rest day, watched my athletes make the final preparations for the state track meet.

April 27: Long run on the UNF trails. Plan was to go 10-12 and stop feeling okay. Resisted the urge to add speed in, just wanted to get my legs good and tired and run long again. No really long, but I’m heading that way. Was a gorgeous early morning—you know the weather is nice when people are on the trails with you all of a sudden at 7:00am. Executed 11.2 miles in 1:42.15. Nice and easy, not overly taxing, just the way it should have been. This coming week shall be a bit of a killer. Ran in my Skora Forms.

Current Goals:
Guana last year via Speedy Banana
  • Break 20:00 again in a 5k. Last time I did this was high school. My recent PR was a 20:06 in February. 
  • Drop my marathon time in two stages:
  • Run my first Ultra, a 50k, on December 1, 2013. The Guana 50K Trail race.
Skora Cores

Current Shoe Rotation:
  • Skora Form for recovery and length 
  •  Altra One for recovery and length
  • Skora Core for speed and shorter distances 

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