Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Skora Phase Out of the Box Review

Note how the black glows in the flash.
I have been salivating over the Skora Phase for months. While I love the leather Form, using it as my primary shoe, and I also incorporate the leather Core into my shoe rotation, I have been looking for something synthetic and a bit more breathable for the Florida heat and humidity. Enter the Phase. As a brand ambassador, I have had the pleasure of seeing production pictures for quite some time and was hoping to get my hands on them in the spring. For a variety of reasons I haven’t had the pleasure of owning a pair until now.

Today, I received a sample pair from Skora’s forthcoming Fall/Winter line (available October 1). While I have been unable to run in them yet, the Phase offers yet another quality Skora model. While they have the same blown rubber sole as the Core, the Phase seems to have just a touch more padding, a sufficient amount to mitigate road impact, a fact I noted while walking in one Core and one Phase. The toe box is ample, not as wide as the Core, giving a tighter fit. While out of the box impressions can’t speak to the running—the shoes have vivid colors and a build that has the breathability I’m looking for. More to come later.