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Skora Fit: A Shoe Review

The Skora Fit: A Shoe Review,43&q=fit
In action.
Skora produces high quality, neutral shoes, and they have done so for over two years, having recently held their second anniversary sale. Their past models include the Skora Phase, the Form, the Base, and the Core, all zero drop shoes with a neutral platform. But as the company continues to grow and evolve, they have created a trainer that has unique quality and appeal. Recently, I received a sample of the Fit, a shoe the effectively replaces the Base while marrying it with the Form. After running in a 5 mile road race in them on March 1, 2014, hitting a casual 33:47 and the a 15k of 64:11(The Gate River Run)  a couple weeks later, I have fallen very much in love the shoe.
Out of the Box

The Fit takes everything I like about Skora and improves on it. First off it is a trainer with the RO1 platform, a platform that is thick enough to allow one to navigate all surfaces, and I mean all—gravel, grass, road, track, pine forest trail, mud, drainage pipes, yes I run everywhere, have all been privy to my testing—without giving up the feel of the surface. While I love using the Phase and Core for speed work, the RO2 sole always limits me a bit with a virtually non-existent stack height, it is a bit too thin for my running style and build to use every day. So the Fit with the RO1 sole that has long been my favorite really helps. I can run with confidence on a daily warm-up route that encompasses many of the above surfaces, and feel confident while in a zero drop (the platform from heel to toe is level), low stack height situation. 
In use during a 5 mile road race.

Secondly, the Fit mirrors the build of the Form, my go to shoe for the last year, but instead of leather, Skora has presented a synthetic material that breaths much better in Florida humidity (yes February in Florida is humid and April has proved to be more so). While I've never thought the Forms to be hot per se, even in August heat of Florida, the Fit is cooler and I can notice the fact. The seamless upper has a cushy feel, an embrace that is much welcomed, and it is built with a flex that can accommodate different foot shapes. The shoe works well with my wide feet and has a wide toe box, a key ingredient in preventing blisters and allowing your feet to run the way they should: without having your toes smashed together.While this is not toe box of the Core, by far Skora's most roomy model, your toes can move freely and are not scrunched together.

That said, the inside of the shoe has a significant amount of comfort, having a 16mm stack height, which while it may not seem like much, is by far the thickest of all Skora's models. The RO1 platform is a bit more hidden than on the Form, and the shoe has more of a flexible platform feel: you feel what you need to feel while receiving ample protection. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an ultra-padded, neutral shoe the companies like Altra put out (shoes which have their place), but the shoe offers a strong build and springy comfort, especially with then new 3D printed upper.

Skora Sizing
  1. Synthetic materials are great in Florida. While I love the leather Skora models, a more breathable shoe is a godsend in the humidity. 
  2. Unlike the Base, the shoe has ample width and room: this shoe gets a lot of things right in this regard, trust me there. Even though it might feel snug at first, it reacts and adjusts, the shoe almost has a living quality to it. Any and all tightness fades after a wear or two. 
  3. You feel everything, with or without the insole. You can walk and run the way you are intended to, with full sensation. The sole is a bit more hidden though, the ridges and build that allow for flexibility are not noticeable at this juncture. 
  4. Flexibility. These shoes bend every which way, and they do so with little to no effort. They are neutral, they are light, the can run fast. I have run 300m repeats on grass in them, hitting close to where I wanted to be, and nailed 400m repeats on the track, hitting 8 between 75 and 83. The held up great through back-to-back 3200m thresholds around 12:35. I was confident in my running and thought little about the shoe, a key aspect. This fact remains evident in road races as well, holding up in both a 5 miler and a 15k without invoking any thoughts of footwear.
  5. Great Colorways, great appearance as Skora evolves, working to build a brand identity to advance as a company.
  6. The Form, which the Fit betters, had a saggy heel. The heel did not alter the fit of the shoe, it was an appearance issue. While this heel may be a bit heavy on the bottom, now it looks great all around.,43&q=fit
All models of the Fit.
Cons (all of these were initial and have essentially ceased to be concerns):

  1. At times I feel a bit loose in the toes, I noticed this fact most early in runs. The material, which is printed via 3D printers, took a couple times out to get used to. When I fixated on the idea, I felt my toes digging in and grabbing the shoe. My feet had a different working feel, which is fine, but I did expect a slightly different feel. Since I rotate shoes, this shouldn’t be a huge problem—I see this being a long mileage and race shoe anyway. Over time, this thought has dissipated, but it is worth noting.
  2. The insole has raised perforations, something I love, but I feel as if these are a bit too overdone. They seem a bit too up there, a bit too protruded. I hate pointing out issues with a shoe I like, but honesty is key. This irritant vanished after a few runs as well and as I have crossed into the range of multiple hundred, they are not an issue.
  3. Laces. The shoe laces, as is common with Skora, are a bit long. I always tuck my laces, regardless of brand and model, so not a major issue.
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  1. Thanks for this review. I'm consider the Fit for my running and workouts, and I appreciate the pros and cons at the end of this post. Do you run in these without socks? I haven't been able to really find a recommendation on that front. Looking forward to giving them a try now!

    1. A lot people go sockless in them without complaint. I typically wear Injinji due to the high humidity in Florida. Let me know when you are going to order.

  2. Thanks for the thorough review! I'm looking pretty hard at ordering a pair but am curious what your thoughts are regarding width? I wear EE width in nearly every shoe. Thanks!

    1. I think they are plenty wide. I don't tend to wear EE, but I prefer wider shoes. Narrow trainers always create issues for me. The material is very stretchy either way.

    2. Awesome. thanks for the quick reply! I'll have to give them a try once I hunt down a good coupon code, oh the joys of being a poor grad student. Thanks again!

    3. I'm late to this party and hope you're still listening - I take it that if most manufacturers' EEEE are too narrow for me at the 5th met head and medial big toe tip, these won't work for me?

    4. ... just noticed that you had an earlier review of Altra The One. I'm currently running in Altra Torin 1.5 which are built on the same last as The One2. Can you compare the forefoot width of the Skora Fit and/or Core with the wider Altra models? Thanks!!!

    5. Susan, compared to The One, they have similar width. A slightly wider toe box on the Altra model, a cm max. The fit has pliability and does stretch though. I have wide feet and little issue, but you might be wider. Other questions?