Thursday, October 23, 2014

The TPQuadballer: A Product Review

Trigger Point Performance Self Myofascial Release and DeepTissue Massage Quadballer Roller (TPQuadballer). The name in itself says a lot, but basically this product represents another in a long line of recovery products, but a product that has been purchased and deployed by many of the runners I coach. We have dumped the standard foam rollers—they get dirty, torn up by the groud/road/track, and lose density over time. The TPQuadballer does not, it holds up and quite possibly does a better job. concept is simple enough, two wheels on the outside, almost like wheels for a roller blade and a hard, fabric covered surface in between. What strikes you about this product is just how hard it is. While foam rollers compress, the rolling surface here does not. It remains stiff, firm, and delivers more bang for your buck than a standard foam roller. The surface is suspended, and while you may muddy the fabric with residual sweat, the surface remains clean. This means you can roll on a track, a field, in your driveway, anywhere really, without damaging the roller or soiling it. This particular model is about the length of a standard ruler, meaning I can toss it in my bad and carry it around during cross country or track meets.

That said, the roller’s density digs in. When I use it, it feels as if I am getting manual therapy, Graston and such, the type of work that relieves muscle adhesions and loosens up the legs. As an individual who suffers from calf tightness, the TPQuadballer can release the pain, set me to run, and then alleviate discomfort post workout. While rolling isn’t for everyone, I recommend giving this model a look as it retails for around $50 on Amazon, given the day.

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