Monday, November 28, 2016

MAGNESIUM GEL with Seaweed Extract: A Product Review

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Full disclosure I am not a doctor, so take this as it is. What I do do is coach and run myself, and the combination of these two activities leads me to research any and everything I can involved with running and sport in general. Thus, when I was visiting with my physiologist multiple months ago, she rubbed my feet down with Magnesium Gel in order to mitigate an inflammatory response and prepare me for treatment. Since I was there to receive acupuncture, physical therapy, and micro current therapy, this seemed like an interesting place to start. Now I had heard of the benefits of relaxing your muscles and eliminating pain by rubbing yourself down with magnesium multiple years ago, I think the first time from a Ben Greenfield podcast, but I had never found a spray, oil, or gel that was both affordable and had a discernible effect and purpose. Often soreness remained and the only thing that vanished was my money. Thankfully this experience not only impressed me but altered my understanding of the treatment.  

In this instance, as my doctor rubbed my Achilles Tendon and feet with the gel, I immediately felt a burn, a steady flash of warmth. This feeling might be familiar to those who are big fans of Epsom Salts, for the salts are famous for muscle relaxation. The muscle relaxation in question stems from the ionic transfer of magnesium into the body, a sensation that can be identified through the heat you feel on your skin. Magnesium itself is an essential mineral to optimal healing, and the gel can allow one to isolate the area of the body you want to attack and allow it to soak in and do its bidding. While we can eat a good portion of the mineral through foods such as hemp seed, many of us are deficient and oral consumption does not necessarily place the mineral where you want it. In this, a quick rub down and the eventual white brine left on the skin allows for a loss of pain/inflammation. 

Since this initial treatment, I have purchased her brand and used the gel on what she deems emergency flare-ups. Many of my athletes use it as well, not daily mind you, but on the niggle that appears and the minor injury or on the long standing chronic problem. I gave the bottle to my mother, and this has become her go to pain treatment, the Windex of sorts she passes around with her friends when something hurts. Cheap, long lasting, and easy to apply, the Magnesium Gel is a perfect tool for an athlete’s toolbox, something to have around for those few times you need them, of for the time you sprain your ankle or have a fall.Foolproof? No, helpful? Yes.

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