Sunday, January 4, 2015

A-Skips Demonstration

Quick post here on a common drill that can help you think about your running form. In both regular speed and slow motion, I have A-Skips for your visual pleasure. Basically, A-Skips are high knees, but with a rhythm.
Work to get the rhythm as well as the slight jump off the ground. Feel the toes lift. While I commonly have the runners I coach do these in shoes, I taped barefoot (because my shoes were caked in mud post trail run) in order to allow you to see the actual lift off the ground. 

So how do these translate? When running, work on getting the knees up. Unless you are a sprinter, you will never get them this high, but think about getting those legs up, pushing those thighs into the air, and in the process working on the generation of power.

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