Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Jurek Endure: A Gear Review

The folks at Ultimate Direction asked if I would check out one of their products, and I was thus sent a new hydration belt, the Jurek Endure. Even though I live in Florida the land of heat and humidity, I have never been a hydration belt guy—they are always too big or too small or too hard to get to fit right. Often they chafe and bounce around, and on more than one occasion I have dumped them in the bushes (and not returned to get them willingly). Thus I will do long runs on loops with water bottles stashed and placed along a route. I have commonly used a handheld and gone into drug stores, hotels, and gas stations to fill up. While a hydration belt doesn’t preclude the stop and fill up method, if done correctly it should aid the endeavor.

Stretch Mesh Pocket
Enter the Jurek Endure. This belt solves a universal problem: belts are often unbalanced and prone to bouncing around. Countless times, I have craved up the side of my torso as hydration belt meets sweat line and frantically bounces to and fro, especially with a full bottle. Here, with two 10 ounce bottles, when full, the belt feels quite snug. The bottles bungee in, each with their own strap, and feel rather secure. While I am typically a water guy, I tried what Ultimate Direction suggested, and filled one bottle with an other: my mixture of honey, chia, and water, the other with straight water. Despite the liquid weight, the belt held steady and continued to do so even when one bottle was depleted.

Beyond the balanced design, the strap adjusts quite well. The front of the belt has an elasticity to it that allows it to be snug, a tight fit, more like my running shorts than a chaffing army of darkness. The stretch mesh pocket allows for stashing essentially anything: gear (think gloves in the winter), salt tabs, gels, phones, keys, money, etc. You name it and desire to have it, stick it in the pocket. While there is not a counter balance, you can slide this pocket around the strap, allowing for preferred placement.

Advertised as waterproof, the belt deflects moisture at a strong rate. My gels stayed dry, and while I have yet to put a tissue in there, I am fairly confident that the only moisture the will find its way into the pockets will drip from my hands when opening and closing the pocket. In between the bottle holsters, one can store more items, and even bungee in products for quick grabs. Once again, stash your Huma gel here, in plain view.

All in all, while I have never been a huge hydration belt guy, I have been pleased with this product and will continue to update this review as I use it more.

General specs (via Ultimate Direction):

    Two 10 oz bottles included
    Bottle holsters are stiffened with lightweight foam for quick access
    Front pocket is sweat resistant and moveable, with foam backing
    3/4 in. waist webbing with stretch panel
    Movable Race Bib clips
    Adjustable buckle fits all sizes

    Weight: 6 oz / 163g
    Pocket Size: 6.5 x 3 in / 16.5 x 7.6 cm
    Pouch Size: 4 x 4 in / 10.2 x 10.2 cm
    Fits to: 26 - 44 in / 66 - 112 cm
   Hex Mesh: The structure of this belt is totally breathable, while also being extremely strong,lightweight, and will not absorb moisture.
    Silnylon: Silicone impregnated for ultra lightweight and durable waterproofness
    Velvetex Edge Binding: Super comfortable and soft

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