Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Published Fiction: Shogun

This terse piece of flash original appeared in The East Jasmine Review. The goal here was to follow a complete story arc in around a 100 words. If you enjoy it, consider checking the journal out, for a small fee they will provide a PDF copy for you, so there is no lag time. Great people over there and a lot of support.

Shogun, I've always wanted to be Shogun. A Japanese warlord, god of the Samurai. Instead I grew up in Florida, never ventured to Japan. The writing scared me-too poetic and mystic, not enough letters.
So I studied nature, grew obsessed with whales after watching a YouTube video. Playful narwhal animation drew me, called my name. I went to Canada, caught a charter boat, and ended up with a hole in my left hand instead of an ivory sword, with fingers that won't bend instead of martial arts glory. Shogun was out; fishing for narwhals can result in frostbite, the impalement of a hand, and lost dreams.


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