Sunday, August 10, 2014

Articles from the week: From Dr. James Andrews Discouraging Year Round Sports to the Inflammation of the Body After Eating Certain Carbohydrates

Noted surgeon Dr. James Andrews wants your young athlete to stay healthy by playing less.
A must read for the athletics enthusiast, as noted and famous surgeon, Dr. James Andrews discusses the changing landscape of youth sports and sports injuries. Andrews notes that the push to an adult, business style model, often to grease the pockets of coaches or desire for scholarships, has had tragic effects.

Great story here: Jack Campanile's tumour removed without radiation or surgery at SickKids. A teenager has a benign tumor removed with ultrasound, thus he avoided surgery, an extreme amount of pain, and shows the changing landscape of the medical world.

Scientific study here. The skinny, if it wasn't a cell, avoid eating it. These engineered carbohydrates can have devastating effects on the body. If the food had cellular origins, generally speaking your body accepts it and can deal with it more.

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