Friday, August 1, 2014

From Platles-rich plasma to the Rituals of Successful Humans, collected articles.

The article highlights from the past week. Happy reading.

Platelet-rich plasma treatment is popular for sports injuries, whether it works or not: Washington Post article that explores the interesting but controversial treatment. As a person who has long suffered from an Achilles tendon injury, I have been offered this treatment pro bono and am still considering. The jury is still out, the studies are thin, but the placebo effect is gigantic. For further proof, this Achilles' tendon PRP study shows it may not be worth the discomfort and notes PRP might be more placebo effect than anything else.

Goalkeepers deceive themselves when facing penalty kick:As in the guess--go figure. Interesting read though, worth your time if you love sports.

Seven Ways to Be More Curious: Written by a PH.D., a great article exploring the habits or curious and creative individuals. As one who is curious and aspires to be creative, I found the information helpful;. It does overlap with past reads, but is worth the five minutes.

12 Quiet Rituals of Enormously Successful Humans: As we always look to evolve and change, give this article a quick read. In the name of personal success, productivity, and creativity, these steps are easy to integrate into your life. If not in mass, then in piecemeal or as you see fit. Some are hokey, but worth your time.

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