Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Publication: The Unfulfilled List (Gravel A Literary Journal)

A quick post here. Gravel Magazine just released a piece of flash fiction/free verse poetry of mine that can be found here. The 50 word piece, a result of my recent effort to produce quality, single serving literature (discussed here), aims to explore the idea of lists, their meaning, and their endgame purpose.

For those who didn't click, see below:

The Unfulfilled List

Two Eggs,
Four Apples, green in color,
One bottle of cinnamon—ground,
Three bananas, overripe,
One promise,
Four dried, Turkish Apricots,
Three pineapple cores, moist,
One gallon of organic milk, free range,
Two pounds of brown rice,
Four mandarin oranges,
Conceits collected,
Wet paper torn in half,
Smudged ink.

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