Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Skora Spring Summer 2014 Line Launches

 Skora Phase

Skora Running Spring/Summer 2014
A quick update here. For those of you who are Skora fans and those of you who are not, their  Spring/Summer 2014 line has launched.

Flagshiped by their new model the Fit (reviewed here), a shoe that offers their traditional neutral platform with the addition of a tad more padding for the folks that need/want it, the line also brings in new color ways for their older models. seen to the left, the Form (reviewed here) and Core (reviewed here), both made from durable goat leather, have been released with an update in color options and a few cosmetic logo alterations (see top photo), but otherwise they remain the same shoes that have Skora has sold in the past.

Adding to the changes, the same updates have been employed with the Phase (reviewed here), a synthetic model very similar to the Core, one with a thin sole that lets you feel the ground more than any other model but the Core. The Phase-X, the shoe that glows at night, has been updated with new color ways as well, as you can see below.,44,44

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