Sunday, March 12, 2017

Naomi Novik’s Empire of Ivory: A Book Review

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Naomi Novik’s Empire of Ivory picks up just after book three, Black Powder War, concludes but holds the urgency. This time the plight rests not in the war with France, but rather with the illnesses of the English dragons. It seems that the cold Temeraire caught on his way to China was in fact a mysterious disease that had swept across Britain and in his absence has been decimating the dragon population. While many of died, others cling to life. While the addition of the feral dragons has helped defend the coast from invasion, with an increasingly zealous force of French dragons, a cure must be found, at any cost. Thus, since Temeraire was cured by eating strange foods concocted by his Chinese chaperons at the time, Laurence and he take off for Africa to discern the source of the cure and recreate the cure.

Thus the journey begins. While Laurence fights with Riley over allowing a black missionary aboard their ship, the novel heads down Novik’s familiar paths. There will be a long wait, then a flurry of action. Scenes of despair—they cannot seem to find the right mushroom, and then when they do they discover a dangerous and growing civilization of African dragons hell-bent on punishing the European interlopers for the slave trade. All of this comes to head as Temeraire and Laurence must make a decision on whether the cure is theirs for the taking or something that should fall into the hands of all dragons, both friend and foe. 

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