Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology: A Book Review

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Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology combines the often hard to digest and find mythos of the Nordic cultures into an easy read that dazzles the mind. Gaiman encapsulates the poetics in this modern rendition, writing snappy dialogue that rings of comic book style, and in doing so he draws a new generation of readers into the rise and fall of Odin and his fellow Aesir. Gaiman avoids a preachy, tutorial tone and instead opts to adopt a casual tone. Magic happens, the gods create, adventure, and destroy. In the end, they are destined to fall and the world will renew, but before that happens, one must witness their exploits. The chapters are short, the racy bits are dealt with in a child friendly manner, and Loki, is well, Loki. That said, give it a read and enjoy the ride.

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