Monday, July 10, 2017

Naomi Novik’s Victory of Eagles: A Book Review

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Naomi Novik’s Victory of Eagles details the consequences of Temeraire and Laurence’s choice to save the French dragons as Empire of Ivory came to an end. With the war in full bore and the French invading England, Temeraire languishes in the breeding grounds while Laurence is a deckhand on the very ship he captained before being chosen as Temeraire’s captain. Each misses the other and Laurence awaits the hangman’s noose once Temeraire can be fully pacified.

But with the invasion, Temeraire refuses to sit idly and leads his breeding ground compatriots into the field in order to make a difference. At the same time, Laurence is commissioned as a prisoner captain and begins searching for dragon steed. Thus the adventure begins, once that will result in dragon rights, mass retreats, epic battles, and a final showdown with Napoleon himself. As always, Novik dazzles, and the shimmer turns the pages with reckless abandon.  

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