Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Katy Bowman’s Movement Matters: A Book Review

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Katy Bowman’s Movement Matters explores human life from a unique, functional perspective. Maybe that sentence does not do the collection of essays full justice, but the text is hard to fully quantify while a pleasure to read. Bowman invokes thought, promotes stacking, and encourages personal exploration. She wants you to simplify life, to break down barriers, and to confront the neat little boxes we have created in a new way. Should life be a rolling collection of allocated time or can fitness and food and family overlap? Can one meditate while walking with their family? How can we simplify our lives while moving or move to simplify our lives? Can cooking be fun? Yes, she doesn’t really explore the last topic, but when she dissects food, specifically the human/energy cost of food, you want to know and understand.

At times Bowman discusses the need for humans to move and to move functionally, at others she applies the same principles to food, but at almost all times, she works to examine common issues from a unique perspective. Broken into main topics and each thought provoking, anyone into fitness and anyone into the human will enjoy the read.

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