Thursday, March 21, 2013

Athlinks: A Race Compilation and Info Hub

A friend of mine just tossed this website my way a few days. There is not a lot to talk about other than give it a write up so that the avid racer has a chance to see their races in an organized manner (see the picture). Athlinks has scanned the computer databases. If you have run a race that reports computerized results they are here. If you don’t like a race, well tough, they have it listed, if you do like it boom, perfect record. Beyond the computerized scans, they allow to report unofficial races, perhaps a time you ran in a smaller, chip free race, a track club that runs together weekly, or for a virtual race. The standard social media settings are there, so you can share your results every which way (as if you don’t already).

On to the features I haven’t used: they are working to become an information hub for all things running—listing and linking your races to external sites, as well as doing the same thing with related expos and running clubs. They want you to treat this as a valuable location for both information and socialization. Take a look.

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