Friday, April 3, 2015

Skora Tempo: A Shoe Review

At my favorite trail head.

As SKORA continues to mature as a shoe company, their shoe line has followed suit. Their latest incarnation comes in the form of the Tempo. As a brand ambassador (for two years plus at this juncture), I sometimes have the privilege of wear testing the samples. In early January, the Tempo, Core, Phase, Form, and Fit all appear to be cut from same cloth, the Tempo has a slightly different look, you can tell it is related, but it is not the same per se. Yes, it has the same anatomical shape as the other models and a roomy toe box as well, but this shoe looks more like a road shoe than anything else SKORA has created. The heel is curved, but with more of an eye to a gradual curve, kind of like the curve Nike applied to recent incarnation of the Free (I wonder who the borrowed that idea from). Thus, the shoe has a more mature look but remains showy at the same time with a see through upper and extreme breathability. That said, this shoe has plenty to like
which had been rumored for a while, arrived at my door. The first thing that sticks out on the Tempo is that it appears as somewhat of a divergence from SKORA’s other models. While the

First off, while all of SKORA ’s other models work well on the road, at least in my opinion, this
Out of the box.
model is built for the road. It has a degree of padding that is perfect—you can feel the road, but you feel like you can run on the road all day. Yet, this padding is not spongy, overly thick, and it does not take away from your run. I found the right amount of give, and since I run in zero drop mostly, the adjustment period was nil for me. I could just log miles in the shoe and feel confident that my feet were receiving enough protection to feel good after a long run.

The sole is soft, flexible, and responsive. Your foot can bend it move like it is supposed to while feeling protected and supported. While some people post online that the bones in your foot do not bend, the fact of the matter is that your foot adapts to the contours of nearly every surface, so to run naturally, no matter what your foot-strike pattern, the shoe should move as well. This fact is something both Altra and Newton fail to understand. All in all, the stack height is a mere 22mm while maintaining a high degree of flex and zero drop. You will not appear taller when you wear these shoes, but you will feel faster.

On to the running: they handled well on the trails, surviving roots, rocks, and mud but they also felt great on the track. 400's felt easy (expect for the kids I was chasing) and a tempo run in the Tempo was comfortable as well. I’ve raced in these shoes and worn them around for walks with no complaints. The Tempo sample has become a frequent and common choice out of my shoe rotation.

  1. Just like with the SKORA fit, Synthetic materials are great in Florida. While I love the leather SKORA models, a more breathable shoe is a godsend in the humidity. This shoe, with an upper that is so breathable that it is see through, is perfect for the heat but withstood testing during the winter cold. In races and workouts, they worked out quite well.
  2. Just enough padding that you can go all day, especially from a bigger guy like myself, but with a continued ground feel.
  3. Night time reflectivity. Any spot that is silver literally glows in the street lights and headlights. Cars will see you, no matter which colorway you get.
  4. The heel will be embraced more by the general public. It is still round, allowing for your heel to move the way it should, but people will be more comfortable because, well, it looks more conventional than prior incarnations.
  5. Flexible for a natural run, the way it should be.
  6. This is a shoe you do not think about. They are on your feet and you run and the shoes serve their purpose at less than 8 ounces.

  1. Dirt. I know this sounds silly, but the airy upper can allow the intrusion of well dirt. Especially on trails, dirt found a way into the shoe.   
  2. The sole might be a bit soft if you drag your feet at all. The foam appears capable of withstanding the toll of hundreds upon hundreds of miles (SKORA shoes have legendary lifetimes), but so far so good. 
  3. MSRP came in a little higher than I expected at $130. I was thinking around a $100, but the price of this shoe is comparable to like models that it should outlast in the long run.
As always, any and all questions are welcome.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes. Comes out no problem. Removes a good deal of the padding, but gives more feel.

  2. Do you know any online retailers that ship internationally, except

  3. Where are you located? I think there might be an international retailer. I can check.

  4. How do these compare to the Fits overall? Both seem great. I'm looking to move from Altras since they're getting bigger and thicker with every model now...

    1. They fit the same overall. I think the toe box is a bit more generous with the Tempo. Also, the heel collar is tighter on the tempo. I have Altra as well, and yes, they seem to be going maximal all of a sudden. Drop me line through the contact form to talk more.

  5. How does it fit compared to the Core?

    1. Same wide toe box, but thicker sole, a lot more padding (75%) increase. Any other questions? On sale through November 30th and free socks with the above link.

    2. Thanks. Ordered a pair this morning. Hope my cranky foot likes them :)

  6. First run with the Tempo, i felt discomfort and pain to the outer part of both of my feet. Also, the heel collar is a bit stiff and was rubbing the back of my foot (this happened only at the right foot).

  7. Any idea how these compare to Altra the One 2.5? A big fan of the original One, i find the 2.5's sole way to cushy and thick at 23mm. You can squeeze it with yourt thumb and forefinger and see it compress! I am wondering how the Tempo sole feels with a nearly as high stack height. I don't want to buy another shoe that is similar to the One 2.5.

    1. Whereas the Altra one and One 2.5 have a thick sole, Skora has s thin model in which, despite padding you feel the ground. These are not the platforms you have in your Altra but they have the same Zero

    2. Idea as Altra. Shoot me an email through the contact bar on the side if you're interested in talking about them more and have interest in buying them.